What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer



We were created by Him and for Him, so that all we do can flow out of a love and adoration for the triune God represented in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We always come back to the cross, knowing that through Jesus’ death and resurrection we were brought into the family of God and have taken on the identity of Jesus. So that all our sin and shame died at the cross and we rose into a new person, defined and kept by God himself.


The Bible is one primary way that God has communicated His plan for the world throughout the ages of time. We believe that every part of the Bible is a piece of the whole story of God’s redemptive plan for humans. Every portion points towards Jesus and His work to bring peace between God and humankind.


We believe that the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is commanded in Scripture. We do this in order to remember the life, work, and death of Jesus Christ. We believe that the gathering of God’s people is an appropriate time to celebrate together in this way. It is something that is reserved specifically for those who are reborn into God’s family and we ask any others in attendance to bear with us by refraining from participation as we celebrate this family meal.


We believe that in accordance to God's instruction, we are called to obedience by participating in the ordinance of believer’s baptism. This is administered through immersion into water, thus signifying death to sin and self, and rising from the water, signifies being reborn as a new creation in Christ. This act celebrates the joy of adoption into God’s family, unity with the triune God, as well as our intention to continue to grow in the faith that God has created within us.


Our salvation past (Justification) present (Sanctification) and future (Glorification) brings glory to God and is worked out both privately and corporately. We have been given a new identity in Christ and we walk that out together as family. We seek to know and create rhythms together in every aspect of our lives, remembering that the church is not a building but a people.


God has created all people, Men and Women, to bear his image. With that comes inalienable status as one beloved by God Himself. We strive, in all areas of life, to remind ourselves and others of the dignity that God has given to all people. Therefore, all are welcome as we seek to caringly love all that enter our homes and lives.


In the way that God came to mankind to create reconciliation, we too reflect His love on mission by being in our communities. We look for ways to serve and connect to the communities of Oakville and Arnold just as God has connected to us. We know and celebrate that these things don’t ordinarily happen within a church building, but rather in places that we work, eat and play. We strive to create margin within our schedules, finances, and hearts to enter into the lives of those around us.


Corporate worship is a large part of moving within the rhythms of God’s family. We gather for meals in our homes, we gather to study His word, we gather to play and enjoy the blessings of God, we gather to create and work, we gather to remember God’s character and our given identity. Sunday morning service is a small but important part of the way that we express our adoration of God, our care of one another and our corporate commitment to God, each other and our community.

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